Chapters are small groups, normally comprised of between 10-20 people, which meet together monthly to celebrate individual successes and provide peer-to-peer mentoring. During chapter meetings, graduates receive additional business training and support to start and grow their own businesses. For example, during chapter meetings, an aspiring mechanic shop owner in the process of beginning their business can meet with an established auto repair shop owner to be mentored.
Go to Once there, select your country and find the chapter closest to you.
Yes, please do! Sharing what you know about the Academy could change someone's life for the better. Be sure to give them the website address and contact information of the chapter president in the area so they can get involved.
Once you go to the portal’s main page and register for the chapter closest to you, the Chapter President will contact you so you have their information.
The portal is a way to interact with your chapter members and chapter president. You can sign up for e-learning courses, access the business directory and track your meetings and agendas. It is also a great way to stay updated with announcements from the Academy Headquarters and from each individual country and chapter.
As a president, you will have a list of all the active members in your chapter that are registered on the portal under the membership tab. You can track their attendance after each meeting and track their progress as they take the courses.
The videos are found under the learning tab on the menu bar on the portal.
The mentored course takes about four hours total. You can split it up according to your schedule.
Go to the Meeting Tab at the top and Agendas should come up in a dropdown menu. Once there, you can download each individual agenda to your own computer if you need too.
The business directory is a great networking tool. It is a way for you can connect with other business owners around the world and learn from them and vice versa. It can also be a way to market your business when people look for certain needs throughout your country.
Contact your chapter president, they will reset your password so you can create a new one and get back into your account.